In just 7 seconds, your resume will grab the boss’s attention — or not.

And you only get those 7 seconds if your resume isn’t lost forever in an electronic database–never to be seen by humans.

When your career is on the line, make sure you are at your best.

I’m a published professional writer with 20 years of resume writing experience. I take the time to interview you and do the job right, producing custom-crafted Executive Resumes.

No forms to fill out.
No boilerplates.
I do them right.

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Here’s the kind of feedback I get. A client recently shared these two emails she received after sending the resume we developed:

“Marci, I just left the Executive Director a voice message… [telling] her I have a fabulous candidate for the Director’s position…Great resume by the way!”


“Marci, Your resume looks great. I would hire you in a minute. As you know, I am ready to support your application for this position in any way I can…”


The resume sets the tone for the campaign.
A mediocre resume is the sign of a mediocre job campaign. Most people with dreadfully dull resumes don’t make great impressions in person either. They haven’t thought through their message.


The boss is in a bored stupor from reading other people’s resumes.
Send a resume that wakes him up!